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Current Affairs Quiz:26 September 2017

1. State Bank of India (SBI) launched The FTSE SBI Bond Index Series at 
a. London Stock Exchange
b. Euronext
c. Tokyo Stock Exchange
d. New York Stock Exchange

2. Which of the following states is not selected by NITI Ayog for SATH Program?
a. Assam
b. Uttrakhand
c. Uttar Pradesh
d. Karnataka

3. ‘Pralay Sahayam’, a multi-agency exercise, was conducted on the banks of
a. Hussain Sagar Lake
b. Ameenpur Lake
c.  Osman Sagar Lake
d. Fox Sagar Lake

4. Who among the following Indian scientist has been chosen for Von Hippel Award for his immense contribution in materials research?
a. Jayant Narlikar
b. C.N.R Rao
c. Anil Kakodkar
d. Udupi Ramachandra Rao

5. Who is the head of The Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (EAC-PM)?
a. Ratan Watal
b. Surjit Bhalla
c. Rathin Roy
d. Bibek Debroy


1. London Stock Exchange
2. Uttrakhand
3. Hussain Sagar Lake
4. C.N.R Rao
5. d. Bibek Debroy
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