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ADB Approve Loan to Karnataka For Highways

The Asian Development Bank has announced and approved USD 346 million to Karnataka to build their upgradation project of highways to the state government.

Some important facts about the funding and development-

  • Covered total of 419 Km long highway by 2 and 4 lane project.
  • The road upgradation also include planned pedestrian, woman-friendly amenities, crossing board and hoardings and proper signage.
  • A road safety survey also conducted to an identification of accident-prone zones and taking corrective measure and action about it.
  • The total project cost nearly about USD 655 million out of which 202 by state government investment and the remaining by private investment.

Some important facts about ADB:-

  • Constitute in 1966
  • Headquarters in Manila, Philippines.
  • Current president-Takehiko Nakao.
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